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The following sections provides some brief information & links for companies to pay vouchers direct!

Generally updated 5th January 2017


A company or even a contractor can pay vouchers direct and benefit from all the tax savings that they bring.

There is no need to use a voucher provider who takes a cut or percentage for (in my opinion) adding no value.

It is simple & all the details are published by the HMRC.    See the links below.

We, Small World, provide care that is qualifying - our Ofsted URN is published below.

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Key details

Ofsted Unique Reference Number (URN): 133393
email address (also for remittance advice) Accounts@SmallWorldMontessori.co.uk mailto: Accounts@SmallWorldMontessori.co.uk
Telephone (with answer phone) 01865 326 660
Postal address: 89 Bagley Wood Road, Kennington, Oxford, OX1 5NA

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Small World bank details: for direct transfers

Bank HSBC (Abingdon)
Sort code: 40-08-10
Account name: Small World Nursery Ltd
Account number: 11199579

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Terms and Conditions

Small World will only accept voucher payments direct from Employers as set out in the following terms and conditions of service.

  1. Small World agree to only accepting vouchers for direct payment of childcare.

  2. Payment of any voucher will confirm acceptance in full of these terms and conditions.
  3. Remittance advice requires to be provided for all and any payments made, except where and with prior agreement ...
    1. the arrangement is for a single parent (or couple), so remittance can be associated with one Small World customer account
    2. and bank remittance from the Employer are separately and easily identifiable
    3. and, at least one remittance advice is provided to link the remittance with the parent's account
  4. Remittance advice requires to detail the Parent's account reference. The parent can provide the Employer with this information.
  5. Remittances and their advice may be combined into one payment and one associated notification.
  6. Remittance advice will not be accepted as an email attachment. If a Employer cannot resolve this by email, post the vouchers by Royal Mail or equivalent.
  7. Summary remittance advice will be provided by the Employer on request of Small World. This may be used to audit for errors.
  8. No action will required to be taken by Small World to accept or redeem any voucher.
  9. No invoice or regular acknowledgement of remittance receipt with be provided by Small World. The parent (customer) will continue to be invoiced in full.
  10. Should a debit be required, this requires to be requested as a bank transfer back from Small World. A deduction from a different remittance is not permitted.
  11. Small World accepts no liability for vouchers it is unable to receive or allocate.
  12. Regular or recurrent failure by the Employer to provide reliable remittance advice will result in Small World giving notice to all Parents that voucher payments will no longer be accepted from this Employer.
  13. No fees or charges will be made to or be accepted by Small World.
  14. All Data held by either party will be held under the Data Protection Act 1998
  15. The laws of England and Wales shall govern this agreement.

Additionally we request and recommend...

  1. email remittance advice notes to Accounts@SmallWorldMontessori.co.uk mailto: Accounts@SmallWorldMontessori.co.uk
  2. Reference, if needed, in human readable form - not too small and in groups of four.
    Not like this 847612496108, but like this 8476 1249 6108, please!

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