Settling Policy - Baby room.

Updated November 2023


We have capped enrolment in the baby room to a maximum age of 10 months.  This is because babies have a very hard time settling when older than 10 months and we feel it is important that the wellbeing of the children is put ahead of any government suggestion (or adult inclination).  Children can always start in the IC ("Infant Community" or toddler room) once they are walking steadily. 


All babies have to start with us by the age of 10 months.  We understand that many mothers are still on maternity leave and that their income is much reduced.  We therefore offer 2 months of 3 sessions per week at 50% of standard cost. 

The objective of this offer is to start children at Small World before a desired start after 10 months.  It is not a reduction for parents actually wishing to start earlier or to have a 'normal' attendance, hence some restrictions as follows. 

  • These special sessions run in the morning between 9AM and 1PM or in the afternoon between 1PM and 5PM
  • These sessions are agreed between the baby room staff and the parent/carer.  The allocation of the sessions is heavily dependent on the number of children currently attending and although we try our best to match the sessions to your future pattern it may not be possible.  Please do accept what we can offer. 
  • We require full attendance of these sessions. 
  • These special sessions form a ‘pattern’ and are charged whether the baby attends or not. 
  • If sick or on holiday, these sessions may be swapped one week forwards or backwards, depending on numbers attending the baby room.  Note that there is a swap fee to pay for all swaps.  For more details see 'swaps'. 
  • If attendance of these sessions is poor and we feel that the baby has not settled we reserve the right to postpone the start date of the full pattern.  This may mean that the baby has to leave us and return when ready to go into the IC (toddler room).  We always alert the parent/carer of this situation in plenty of time. 
  • The 50% discount is off standard cost.  It is not applied to the "age premium" / 6% additional charge when under three years old. 
  • The 50% discount ceases when your child is one year old or after two month, whichever is earlier.  This is the case even if the original start was after 10 months old. 
    Normally this is followed by a full pattern of attendance, but this may also incrementally increase. 

  • This discounted attendance pattern will not work if you require anything other than the three shorter sessions or if the start is earlier than 10 months old. 

See also... Normal settling.