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Updated 1st March 2018

Term Time Option

Small World does not operate a ‘true’ term-time option.  This is the closest and there are no variations to this option. 

This option is only available at Small World's discretion and for children in the Casa (pre school, from approximately 2.5 or 3 years old).  Children in the baby room and IC (toddler room) are too young to cope well with being away for many weeks. 

The discount will explicitly and only discount eight weeks of fees by charging half price for these weeks.

The holidays are based on the Oxfordshire County Council term dates as published at (Opens in another tab)

You will be billed in full and later credited half price, normally with two weeks at Easter, two weeks in July and four weeks in August.

Any attendance during these discounted weeks will be chargeable as an extra session.

Attendance during other school holidays, including half terms, is encouraged - since you will still be charged for these.

No other discount will be available with this option.

When your child is eligible for free sessions, and assuming you wish to avail yourself of these, the term time option will cease in preference to the greater saving from free sessions. 

If Small World closes for any of the council specified dates of the discounted eight weeks, the discount is not transferable.  Instead, as with any closure, you will not be charged. 

After School and Breakfast Clubs are term time only.  This option does not apply.

More helpful information about Fees, Standing orders and Accounts is published here

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